Friday, February 1, 2008

Leveling While Healing the Sick

Last night was a different experience for me. I was supposed to log on and play with my work buddies. Then my youngest started with the sick thing - you know, fever, crying, etc. One must have their priorities. So, down went the children's Tylenol ®, the appropriate cooing, oohing and such. When the baby was down, I was on and running.

Since I couldn't in good conscious hold back my buddies, I started running my green quests in Dustwallow, near Mudsprocket. They way it worked out, I was able to run a single quest and then turn it in before the youngun woke back up. Then I would follow the process again. I ended up hitting 43 and moving a quarter of the way to 44 before junior became inconsolable. So I logged and spend the rest of the night walking the floor with my boy.

If I had to make a choice between WoW and my family, there would be no contest. Family first isn't just a motto. I am glad I haven't had to make that choice.
For those who might be interested, the youngun was diagnosed with RSV. He is our fifth and this is our first go-around with this issue. My understanding is that it can be pretty serious if not caught early. Fortunately we caught it early.

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